What I know.

A while back, I got some comments from someone who I assume wandered across this blog*.  The commenter was informing me about how long term stress can damage the body. I realize they were simply trying to help me and provide some good advice.  But, just so we are clear, I understand the stress response.  I understand how it is detrimental over extended periods of time.  However, the specific stress I was speaking of was  short term stress**.  Stress is important to the body.  The stress response allows us to perform at our peak given the proper stimulus.  There are numerous benefits to the stress response and one is improved cognition.  However, there are obvious costs, if our body had a method of operating at peak performance all the time it would, it obviously doesn’t.  The stress response over a prolonged period of time can result in many medical conditions.  Basically your body just can’t handle it.

I am a graduate student in biology.  I understand physiology.  Actually, I understand all sciences at least a basic level.  I have a deep and developed understanding of biology.  Furthermore, if I do not understand something, I know how to access the information to learn about it.  I’m not claiming that I know it all, but please, if anyone reads this blog, and you decide to comment, please do not tell me something I am likely to know.

Now that we have that cleared up.  If anyone is worried about me stressing, don’t.  I am really good at coping with stress.  Friends comment on how things tend to just slide off of me.  This blog is one of my methods of handling stress.  It allows me to collect my thoughts and vent about them if I so choose.

Today, I have the entire apartment to myself.  Pam works all day.  I really enjoy being alone all day.  Typically, I use these days to get caught up and try to get ahead.  Sadly though, I am all caught up.  I have finished all the work associated with my TAship.  I have no outstanding papers that are due***.  I am very good about staying on top of things, starting them early and making sure I don’t fall behind.  Now all I need to do is study up for my one final and I am good to go.  I typically study while watching TV so hopefully there is a good marathon or something on that I can tune in to and zone out.  I am going to try to enjoy today as much as I can.  My semester lined up pretty nicely overall, and I highly doubt the week before finals will be as kind in the future.

I do believe I will get a start on my day.  If I have some thoughts I will surely post them.


*I get the distinct impression they have little to no scientific background, or if they do they clearly don’t get it.

**For more information read “Acute stress enhances glutamatergic transmission in prefrontal cortex and facilitates working memory” By Eunice Y. Yuen, Wenhua Liu, Ilia N. Karatsoreos, Jian Feng, Bruce S. McEwen, and Zhen Yan.

***and haven’t since I submitted my NSF-GRFP


~ by epiphron13 on December 11, 2010.

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