The dull before the storm

Right now I have nothing to do.  I reasonably doubt that will last.  My adviser should be getting my thesis proposal back to me shortly, in the meantime I sit and wait.  The classes I am taking this semester are not overly demanding, and my teaching load is lighter than last semester, so I am kind of on auto pilot.  Also, I don’t have any major writing projects to do, revise and edit my thesis proposal, animal care protocols and then a small grant application.  I applied for the same grant in the Fall, so I simply have to touch up and improve what I already wrote and hope it gets funded.  It would be a nice little bump for our lab, so hopefully we get it.  Last semester was all flash bang and constant work, this semester is all dull and drag.

Pam is back to working, which allows me some sanity, we are not running places as often and going over to friend’s, which is nice.



~ by epiphron13 on February 21, 2011.

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