On Academic Masoschism

Growing up*, I had a friend who I referred to as an academic masochist.  She always bit off more than she could chew, she would take 5 upper level courses, have a research project she was working on, and be involved with several clubs.  Her schedule was such a mess that she had to schedule time to nap.  Her resume was amazing though by the time she graduated.

On the other hand there was me, and while I didn’t lounge around playing video games, I certainly wasn’t that involved or ambitious.  I typically took 4 classes, 2 upper division in my field and then 2 gen eds.  I was also rather busy, but mostly because I had several part time jobs in an attempt to support myself.  But when my work schedule wasn’t daunting I almost never looked for ways to make my life more miserable, instead I preferred to just complete what I had and move on.

There is an obvious value to being an academic masochist in that your resume/CV is dead sexy.  However, you have to be able to handle it. So far I have remained rather laid back in graduate school, preferring to get my bearings before I throw myself under the bus.  However, if I ever want a tenure tracked job at a 4 year, I’m going to have to be more involved, little things like being active in the graduate society or involved in public outreach are all things that can help me in the future.

Basically, I’m going to need to start hating myself a little.  Shit.

*During my undergrad years.


~ by epiphron13 on February 23, 2011.

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