Warning: Sports related…

If you have been following this blog for a while you will know that I am sports fan*.  Every once and a while I put a sports related post up, and while I try to avoid the topic of who my favorite teams are, I don’t think it is a mystery.  More often than not my posts are about professional sports teams, mostly because I haven’t played any sports for years.

Well, we got a departmental softball team this year.  It is actually a lot of fun, everything is really laid back, we are not serious at all, and we goof off all the time.  Which is the way baseball/softball should be, they are really laid back sports, and there isn’t the physical side like their is in basketball or football.  In short I am really enjoying it.

When I play sports, I seldom worry about the score, at least not these days.  Back in the day that was all that mattered, because, well winning meant something, but since college started winning or losing didn’t really matter.  It has developed in to more of a competition with oneself these days.  Did I play as well as I could have?  What mistakes did I have?  How can I improve for next week?  That sort of thing.  The first week I played really well, last week, well last week I was less than pleased with myself.  I made one nice play, botched a difficult play, and then flubbed a ground ball.  I don’t think any of the mistakes hurt us, but they could have, so I take it personally.

I kept things light and joked a lot, everyone was making mistakes, but I still want to improve and do my part better.  Hopefully next week goes better.

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~ by epiphron13 on February 28, 2011.

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