It can never be easy

Life that is.  Life can never be easy.  Two Sundays ago in church the pastor was speaking about how people often say “if only…my life would be worry free.”  I have never considered it, but that kind of thinking is stupid.  Think back in your life, how many times have you said my life will be better when…

I get a job

I get a degree

I get in graduate school

I get money

I get data

I get a girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/cat/reptile/fish

Have any of the things you said would make your life worry free actually made your life worry free?  None of my mine have.  I thought so many times a certain thing would fix all the wrongs in my life and make me utterly happy.  None have  fixed all the wrongs in my life.  Some random food for thought.

For the record I am a very happy person, I mean I’m in graduate school and I’m still loving life, I must be an optimist*.

Pam has had a string of very bad luck, she had surgery before we moved to graduate school town, she suffered through several illnesses that caused her to miss work, then she had another surgery, and most recently her Aunt passed away.  She was exceptionally close to her Aunt, so it was not a trivial matter.  Fortunately we were able to go and see her one final time before she passed, but it is still taking a toll on her and she needs support now more than ever.

And about that road trip, I could write an entire blog post about the bullshit we put up with during that trip.  I had to leave on the drop of a hat, which entailed covering my labs and obligations for the week, finding money to go on the trip and finding someone to care for the damn cat.  Then I wanted to strangle one or two of her family members**.  Then had to deal with my family complaining about how we barely visited them, and then had to drive through the night because we did visit my family.  Upon arrival home, I got two hours of sleep and then had to go about my day.  Ugh…

Long week…glad to be home…

*Or a masochist

**but refrained, serenity prayer, serenity prayer, serenity prayer…


~ by epiphron13 on March 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “It can never be easy”

  1. Actually life can be easy. Many times, it becomes complicated because we choose to do a lot of things. That’s certainly an option, but so is simplicity.

    And, it can be worry free, too. Mnay times, we worry about things that never even happen. And worry (as opposed to preparation) rarely helps with anything.

    So, if we prepare as best we can,and keep things simpler to make it easier to adjust to unexpected cahnges, we have the option to let go of worry…..


  2. I would prefer a complicated but stressful life of a legitimate scientist than a simple life of a woo peddler and charlatan. You can stop commenting on my blog at any point, as your comments are neither enlightened nor useful.

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