A Psychic’s Reply

So the psychic has replied.  Here is the what they sent me, verbatim.

“Thanks, but no thanks. Since you’ve already made your mind up, it’s not really worth my time or effort.
Don’t really need your approval.
Wishing you a happier tommorrow
They had different spacing but there is the jist of it.
I will grant that my mind is largely made up, and they would have to provide significant details to change my mind, but I’m disappointed that they aren’t even going to TRY.  Furthermore, even if my mind is already made up what about other readers?  Granted, my traffic isn’t very high, only about 20-40 hits a day, but still, I’m sure at least some of them out there are less skeptical than I am?  Why not try to impress them?  Why not show them what you can do?  Maybe they can win a few clients out of this deal.
There is an obvious and simple reason why they/she refuse to try, they have no psychic ability.  They have no power, they have no ability.  If they did, they surely could have channeled by boyhood friend who tragically passed away and gotten all kinds of juicy details of my younger years, or perhaps they could have tapped the spirit of some of my other friends who have passed away, or my family members who have passed.
Frauds and fakes, one and all.

~ by epiphron13 on March 11, 2011.

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