Lets talk about bullshit

Why not?  It is one of my favorite topics.

The bullshit I am referencing is psuedoscience, this topic includes but is not limited to psychics, astrologers, dowsers, homeopathy, magic, and magik*.  As a scientist s I rely on empirical evidence and repeatable results to make judgments about the world around us.  Feelings, beliefs and mysterious forces are not used.  As such, when I see pseudoscience bullshit, it annoys me, and I do the best I can to embarrass the person selling the woo.

Recently a person claiming to have psychic abilities has commented on my blog.  While I typically appreciate comments from anyone, her comments are not useful, instead she keeps saying some vague shit about stress levels and how it is bad for you and making your life easier.  Typically her comments miss the entire point I am trying to make and are generally useless.  Furthermore, I doubt she has any more psychic ability than my cat, but as a scientist, I am bound by empirical evidence, so my natural reaction is to attempt to set up an experiment.  Fortunately for all parties involved, an experiment is naturally set up for us.

This blog is anonymous, and as such, the details of my life are hidden from the readers.  However, if this psychic has abilities to contact spirits or whatever, she should be able to determine details of my life that are not discernible to my average reader.  So my challenge is this.  Tell me details of my life, specifics below:

We will start vague, tell me where I live.  State is a good start, but considering she has a 1 in 50 chance of getting it right, that won’t constitute evidence, if you get the county, city, and address I will be impressed.  However this still won’t constitute proof, as a smart hacker could probably figure that out using IP addresses and what not.

Tell me about me, what is my name, what do I look like, what does Pam look like?  What does my cat look like**.  Tell me what kinds of clothes I wear, so on and so forth.  This could probably be figured out by a smart hacker, so it wo’t constitute proof in and of itself, but given the other criteria, if she gets them right, I am a believer.

Next, tell me about my material possessions, what kind of vehicle/vehicles do I drive, what is my favorite beer, what are my prized possessions, things like that.  This would be very impressive, as you couldn’t figure that out from an IP address, but I am sure some of that information is available on the internet, again, not proof in and of itself, but if she gets them all right, I’m a believer.

Finally, details no one knows, when and where did I lose my virginity, who did I have a crush on in high school.  Details like that, some of these are things Pam doesn’t even know, so if this psychic can figure that out, I’m sold!

There it is, the gauntlet has been dropped, I’m waiting for your reply.


*What the fuck is the difference?  Does adding a k make something legitimate?

**They are a mystical animal aren’t they?  If she wins this thing shithead will be the traitor…


~ by epiphron13 on March 11, 2011.

One Response to “Lets talk about bullshit”

  1. And they have replied.

    ‘Thanks, but no thanks. Since you’ve already made your mind up, it’s not really worth my time or effort.

    Don’t really need your approval.

    Wishing you a happier tommorrow

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