Why Care?

So why do I care about pseudoscience?  This is a logical question after I reacted so strongly to a psychic that posted on my blog.  I mean, is she doing any harm?  Her posts seem fairly benign*? Well, it is true, besides the uselessness of her comments and telling things I already know, her comments didn’t hurt me, besides aggravating my general allergy to stupidity, she didn’t do anything to harm me.

The reason why I care is because she has the potential to do great harm.  Take for instance, someone who recently lost a loved one, and seeks this psychic, honestly believing she can contact her loved one.  They hold a seance and the psychic either knowingly or unknowingly ‘contacts’ the deceased relative and they have a conversation, the psychic will essentially be making shit up, and could cause that person great psychological harm that is real.  Not to mention the fact she is likely to defraud the person of money.

Say someone goes to this lady asking to see the future, and she says do not take such and such job offer because it will only bring problems.  If the person listens their life may be dramatically altered and not necessarily for the better.

P.T. Barnum said a sucker is born ever minute, and these suckers can be duped by the mysterious show put on by woo bringers, their lives can be manipulated, and even ruined by them.  They prey on the weak, the stupid, the uniformed, and the foolish.  Evil prevails when good men fail to act, and it is the responsibility and the obligation of the informed to stop these people from manipulating others, to at least to do what one can do.  As such when this crank shows up on my blog, I’m going to call her shit out, I’m going to attempt to expose her, and I’m going to make her provide evidence for the claims she makes.

It isn’t just psychics who draw my ire, it extends to all those who manipulate and lie to others for their own personal gain, and I will not stop until they are all silenced.

Woo bringers be warned, proof will be demanded of you.

*Cancer can be benign too, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cut it out…


~ by epiphron13 on March 11, 2011.

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