The Perpetual Illusion

This was supposed to be published in February, not sure why it wasn’t.


I’ve only been teaching for 2 semesters now, but it is something that always makes you think.  I keep hearing old teachers saying kids these days are dumber than those that came before.  Is there anything to that or is it just an illusion?

I know from my (limited) experience, this group of kids doesn’t seem nearly as smart as my last group.  However, I haven’t actually analyzed that.  I think they appear to be dumber than last semester’s kids because right now I’m grading their shit that sucks.  Also, my memory of last semester’s kids is of them at the end, after they had received almost a full semesters education.  So perhaps I am perceiving how much they will learn over the semester rather than differences amongst the actual groups?

Also, there is a debate going on back home, they are trying to cut funding to schools for some odd reason*.  One of my friends made a comparison amongst my home state and the state I currently work in.  Her comparison was strictly related to funding but it got me thinking about if people from my home state are smarter**.  That is really hard for me to assess as I lack the proper perspective.  I know what I knew growing up, but then again I was one of the sharper kids in my class, so perhaps I’m not representative?  Also, I’ve never taught back in my home state, would students back there actually pick things up faster than kids here?

How does one determine the quality of an education?   I know I’m not qualified to assess, so who is?

*I blame the tea party.

**I grew up in a state that had the best education system in the country, and currently work in one of the worst.


~ by epiphron13 on March 15, 2011.

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