Fat Camp

I am overweight, technically I’m obese.  My BMI is in the 30’s although I do not look bad for my weight and am just a big individual. Regardless this is something I’m trying to fix, I went on a diet last summer and lost 35 lbs.  This summer I intend to do the same, but I want to lose closer to 50 lbs before classes start up, it is actually fairly attainable. While my BMI will still be to high, if I weighed any less than that, I would be a sickly looking individual.

My weight loss method certainly isn’t rocket science, it is actually really simple.  Don’t eat as much.  I’m allowed 2,200 calories per day, however, if I work out I get to have more.  I do not work out, I fucking hate running, and lifting weights, and jumping jacks, so I just go for walks. I typically walk a half hour each day, but if I’m bad, or want to be bad later, I will walk more.

This morning Pam and I decided to splurge and go out for breakfast at a restaurant.  I ordered what looked good without thinking about what would be good for me.  Big fucking mistake, my breakfast totaled 1800 calories*.  So basically I had 400 cals for lunch and dinner…shit.  Well, you would have thought I learned my lesson after breakfast and would read a label before I ate something, nope, sure as hell didn’t, lunch was 800 calories, so I was over my calorie limit by 400 calories.  Not good, specially since we are going to a friend’s house tonight to eat frozen pizza. I decided I had better go for a walk, a LONG walk.  So I did, and I have now walked 10 miles and burned 1000 calories off, and I’m exhausted.  I still only have about 500 calories to eat tonight**, but at least I won’t be over my calories, or will at least be close.

Moral of the story, look before you eat.

*1800 calories of sheer fucking deliciousness

**Two pieces of pizza 😦


~ by epiphron13 on April 1, 2011.

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