Friday afternoon thoughts…

I started making edits to my thesis proposal.  I started with all the easy ones, insert comma here, delete this word, make this a new sentence, so on and so forth.  It took me a good solid hour though, and then I got a little bit more work done on different topics.  After a class I started in on it, but after working on it for about an hour, I realized I was doing more damage than good.  I have reached the point where I just need to set it aside and work on it later.  I got some good stuff done today, and now have thoughts flowing through my mind, however, I think I need to take another look at it Monday.  I also think I should start at a different point than the one I was working on.  I naturally started at the front of the proposal, which was the introduction, introductions are hard because you are setting the tone for your entire work, it is easier with the end when you are just wrapping up and summarizing.  Regardless, it is now my Monday project.  It is going to take me a good solid week or two to finish these edits.  Fortunately, I have two months.

I also covered a lab for someone else this week.   I think it is interesting to cover others labs and see how their students are what they expect from their TA.  At the beginning of the class one of the students made a comment that I was much better because I answer their questions directly as opposed to their usual TA.  Looking back however, the other TA’s students were much less needy than my kids, so perhaps the other TA is doing a better job because he/she forces the students to be more independent.  This will be something I will work on in the coming semesters and with what time I have left with my own kids.

It is the weekend, gonna kick back and relax a little.  I have some work to do, some lab stuff to take care of, and I make take a poke at my thesis proposal, but I am going to try to take it easy this weekend.


~ by epiphron13 on April 8, 2011.

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