Serve your purpose

Recently I’ve been attempting to come to peace with my religion.  I am a Christian, which is often not easy when you’re in a field that is dominated by atheists and agnostics.  Further complicating the matter is that there are right wing wackaloons who insist on shouting science’s evils from any soapbox they can get their hands on.  Their screaming and crying makes all religious people look bad.

Recently I’ve heard a lot of talk in my church about serving your purpose, finding what you mission in life is, what does God want you to do?  I’ve never really considered it, but it is an important question.  Why am I here?  What am I supposed to be doing?  I find it hard to believe in coincidence anymore, I’ve seen to many things happen in my life that defy odds for me to believe in dumb luck.  As such I think there is a reason why I am where I am.

Last Sunday I think I discovered my purpose, or at least a glimmer of it.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fine details, and what exactly it means.  However, it is nice to have a semblance of where I am going, an idea in my mind.  It is nothing revolutionary, I’m not dropping out of graduate school and moving to Indonesia, I’m certainly not going to become a creationist, I believe I’m simply here to be an example of a scientist who has religious beliefs.  When Christian and scientist get thrown in a blender you often get wack jobs like like William Dembski, or Michael Behe, who sacrifice science in the name of religion.  You hear less often of Ken Miller or Francis Collins who have had excellent careers as scientists and never compromised their religion.

One of the problems with the church today is they do try to pick fights with science, but why?  It doesn’t make any sense, science has no motives*, no ambitions, it is blind and follows the evidence.  Religion provides irrational belief, so I can see how they are philosophically opposed, but they are completely different realms of thought.  Different ways of analyzing the world, and one can not eliminate each other.  I also believe you must use both to have a clear view of the world.  If you are an atheist, then you use science to explain everything and see a lack of anything else.  Extreme Christians only use the Bible but ignore the physical facts of the world.  The rest of us sit in the middle, using science to explain what it can, and religion to answer the questions science can’t touch.

So does this mean that I am going to force religion down my coworkers throats?  No, I don’t believe that is effective, or useful.  But I do enjoy good conversations, and worldviews are topics that are great for discussion, because everyone views the world differently.  I don’t have to run around screaming you must be saved, but there will be plenty of times when I can enter in to dialogue with friends and discuss how we view the world.  I think my purpose is more of that of a seed planter, put ideas in their heads and just let the ideas grow.

Perhaps more to follow, perhaps not, this is a rather personal post, one that I usually refrain from posting.

*at least it shouldn’t.


~ by epiphron13 on April 18, 2011.

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