Dollar bills ya’ll

So, I didn’t apply for a lot of grants this year, but I am shooting 0 fer 3, which is disheartening.  Most of the grants I applied to have an overabundance of applicants, so it isn’t a black mark on my record that I wasn’t funded this year.  That being said, I want to get a grant.  It’d be great to bring a little bit of money in at least to support our lab and my research.  The research I do isn’t very cost intensive, but there are still costs associated with it, I’m not entirely sure how my PI is funding my research, but he doesn’t seemed concerned, so I am not.  However, I am sure the money could be used, and may free up some finances for other research projects.

Next Fall I intend to really step up my grant writing*, and submit to 6-7 grants.  Most will be rather small, but a few larger ones.  Hopefully I can pull down some money to help fund our research.  It would also be a nice line on my CV…

*Quality is hard to all of a sudden ramp up, as I try my hardest on everything I do, I intend to ramp up more in terms of quantity.


~ by epiphron13 on April 20, 2011.

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