What is all the excitement about?

We are currently in the middle of our whole finals week/dead week routine.  Basically, all final assignments are due, final tests are being taken and the semester is wrapping up.  For a grad student that means some very specific things are happening. First off you need to turn in all your end of the semester projects, then you need to turn around and start preparing for finals.  Also, because teaching is done, you need to get all your shit graded and turned in to the professors, so they can appropriately flunk or pass students*.  Finally, most peoples field seasons are also getting started so people are beginning to lose interest in all the year long b.s. and starting to think only about data. Also, as a first year grad student my thesis proposal is due.

Needless to say, dead week/finals week can be a bitch of a time for graduate students.  Alot of my friends are running around frantically, trying to get their thesis completed, grading completed, or that final project they neglected completed.  Then come Friday we will all get good and shitfaced and laugh about the semester.

This semester has been pretty easy on me really.  I’ve had my eye on the semester long project for a long time, so that was taken care of early.  My thesis proposal was submitted a week or so ago, so that is good to go.  I only have one final, which am I not worried about, but have been preparing for anyway.  Additionally, my grading was taken care of right away, so I have that all taken care of as well.  I have always been really good about knowing myself, and I just know, I can’t do things last minute, so I don’t.  I need to take my time and review things many times.  I’m sure regular readers of this blog have noticed that my writing is not all that good.  This is because it is a first draft and then just published, I don’t have the time to go through my usual process of smoothing and editing which takes weeks.  I have to start projects way in advance or they will never get completed.  The downside is that I often end up throwing out work, because I get new information as I proceed, the upside is I can ration my time amongst the projects and keep a steady flow of work as opposed to the boom and bust I see in my colleauges.  Overall, it has served me well and I will continue as I am.

This has been a boring week for me, everything is all taken care of, and now I have been just sittin back, polishing up a few loose ends and getting ready for Summer.  I haven’t even gone in to the office all week.  Why?  There is nothing to do there…

Research is starting to ramp up, but it will be a good two months before I can begin to collect any hard data, so for now I am just preparing and waiting.

*and final grades being turned in correlates to final pleas for points from students.


~ by epiphron13 on May 4, 2011.

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