So little to say…

but so much is happening…

It is Summer.  My mind is divided somewhere between the beach and research*.  On one hand, I have lots of free time, on the other, there is so much I want to get done.  At the same time, a lot has been happening but in of itself, none of it constitutes a blog post.  So I guess you get a miss mass of nothingness…

My blood pressure is to high.  My doctor is worried about it so he has ordered me to take a diuretic and to exercise.  I have obliged him by riding my  bike 30-60 minutes a day, which does elevate my heart rate above 120.  Hopefully it will help me lose some weight, I’d like to be trimmer by the time I get back in the Fall.

We have a new student joining our lab, and beyond that I know nothing.  I’ve never met this person, this person won’t be around until the Fall.  All I have is my profs word that this person is cool.  I certainly hope so, as dealing with people who suck, well sucks.

Pam and I are annoyed at some of our friends.  We just haven’t found friends that are a good fit.  She likes one person, but she is at a different phase in her life than we are, which can make it hard to relate.  All other friends seem to be immature for us**.  We are kind of at that age, we don’t have kids, but we aren’t single.  We like to have a good time, but not every night, or even every weekend.  We seem to like to hit the bars about once a month, and typically prefer just hanging out.  What we need is a couple people who are at about that age and maturity level.  Working on that…

We got a new kitten.  For the time being I will call him little shit, but I get the impression he is going to be bigger than shit head.  He is a beacon of cuteness, it is really sad how cute he is.  His head is way to big for his body…

I moved offices, not sure if it will be better, but I don’t think it will be worse, so whatever.

Oh, semester is over, and I’ve done ok, got an A and a B, so I am off probation.

Life is good I guess…

*Sadly my project doesn’t involve the beach, or water for that matter.

**not that we are beacons of maturity.


~ by epiphron13 on May 17, 2011.

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