So much to say…

So there was supposed to be a post a couple of days ago mentioning that Pam is having surgery once again.  She had the surgery, it went fine, she is in a lot of pain but she isn’t doing bad overall and I think she will begin to feel a lot better soon.  Additionally, we are back on a gluten free diet, so that should also improve her health.  I also found out that her doctor fucked up the gluten panel they gave her, she is supposed to be gluten free for 30 days, not eat gluten for 30 days.  I need to verify that with an expert, but if that is true I may be consulting a lawyer for a malpractice suit.  Maybe there are not grounds for it but I am pissed.

Currently Pam is back home for a week for her brother’s graduation.  I am sort of enjoying the time away, the first day I was like this is awesome, I can do whatever I want.  The novelty wore off quickly, now I am just like, fuck I’m bored…

I also recently discovered that Wal-Mart no longer carries black and white film.  I am kind of a photography buff, I really enjoy it.  I haven’t had a lot of time to take photos since getting back in to school, but it is something I could see me getting in to later in life, it is a fun hobby.  This whole film thing may pose a dilemma.  Film has been going up in price, and it will get harder to find as time goes on. But I am really reluctant to switch to a digital camera though.  Pam has a point and shoot digital that is fine for snapshots, but I am doing serious photography, I want a decent SLR.  I currently have 2 film SLRS a Minolta x-700 and a Nikon N2000, both are great cameras for what I need and I was able to pick them up cheap since they are both from the 80’s.  I’m not opposed to digital cameras, they are more convenient but I really don’t want to upgrade for a couple reasons.

1. I think digital cameras take the skill out of it.  If you can see the picture right away, you don’t have to feel like it is a good shot, you know right away, I just feel more like an artist not knowing how it turned out, and I feel like there is a bigger feeling of reward when you aren’t sure if you got that shot but then it comes back that you did.

2. I love getting pictures back and looking through them.  It kind of ties in with point 1, or do a test sheet in the dark room and for the first time can see how those pictures turned out it is kind of a rush.

3.  I hate the way new cameras feel.  They feel like plastic, everything is electronic.  I love the way my cameras feel, the click of the shutter, the slide of the focus, the zoom lens, changing f stops and speeds, loading film manually.  I love all of it, it makes it feel real.

4. I prefer the film medium, in that it is a non digital medium.  There are things you can do with film that you will never be able to do with digital*. Particularly if I could get my own dark room set up and start developing my own film, you can do so many things to make a shot better, I love doing that.

I think I will try to hold out as a film snob as long as I can.

*I know the opposite is true as well.


~ by epiphron13 on June 11, 2011.

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