Time to pull back the cobwebs…

I haven’t written on here is so long, I had to look at my last post to see what I was even talking about.  I really have no excuse, as my Summer hasn’t been all that busy really and internet access hasn’t been a problem.  I think losing my laptop really did throw me in a funk though, just caused me to lose my daily routine, alter how I did things. Regardless here I am, and this post will basically be a quick run down of the Summer.

Computer:  Fried my laptop, turns out wine and electronics do not mix.  New laptop has been purchased and is currently in the mail from Shanghai*, should arrive the day before I will really start to need it.  Hooray for timing!

Pam:  Has recovered from her surgery quite well, and has been working like a demon to get caught back up financially.  She should be back to even by the end of August, until then, money is tight for both of us, but we are squeaking by in high style like we do.  I think she is doing quite well.

Pets:  Despite both of them almost dieing this morning**, both are getting along really well.  Littleshit is starting to grow up, and isn’t nearly as cute as he was.  We are beginning to train both of them.  I am wondering if getting a second cat was a good idea, but I think it will work out just fine.

Research:  Has been a clusterfuck.  Something about me and research, I should not be a biologist, as whatever my study subject is, dies.  It is like I am death.  My treatments were to strong, and they were confounding each other, we’ve lost close to 30 animals.  It appears that they will be just fine now though, as we have adjusted the experiment and animals are starting to survive.  I think it is going to work out, however, I may have to do some more data collection next Summer, which sucks, but it shouldn’t delay my graduation.

Teaching:  I had a great group of kids, it was really cool to see them progress through the Summer.  They really picked things up fast and were quite astute.  I am going to try to get my nose in again, hopefully I can teach that Summer course again, it was a great experience.

It has been a good Summer, but I am ready for fall to start.  The start of my second year, I am excited for it to start.  I now know what to expect, and what to do, I should have a good year.  I am also really looking forward to meeting the new students.

*Love that Shanghai is a real place, it sounds so made up.

**Little fuckers had to play in the bedroom while I was trying to sleep.


~ by epiphron13 on August 13, 2011.

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