Shiny happy new toy and news

Tomorrow I am supposed to get a shiny new toy in the mail!  It is my new laptop!  Currently, UPS says it is in Kentucky,which blows my mind.  The thing made it fro Shanghai to Kentucky in two days, but hasn’t left Kentucky yet.  Hopefully it is on time, Friday, I have a meeting, and my semester pretty much starts then so I’d like to play with it for a day and get it all set up to my preferences.

In other news Pam went to another doctor to assess some lingering issues.  The doctor has a hypothesis that we are testing out.  Should it be proven correct Pam’s medical problems may be explained, and then can be treated, however, it could have serious implications for the rest of our lives.  Should it not work, we are not further than we were before…I’m not sure which i prefer…I guess it is something to pray about.

The Fedex guy who delivers to our apartment is a moron.  He leaves these tags, saying he was here, but he doesn’t say who the package is for, and when he will be back.  3/4 of the people in this apartment can’t remember what apartment is theirs, and put the wrong number on.  So today, I have to sit at my apartment the whole fucking day waiting for a package that isn’t mine.  He will most likely get a lecture from me, as I am not in the best of moods.


~ by epiphron13 on August 17, 2011.

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