Round 2

The second year of my graduate career begins very soon.  I feel, nothing really.  I mean, I’ve had first days of school so many times now, that it is just another day, albeit slightly more interesting.  I’ve been in graduate school for a year, now, so that isn’t new, everything is just kind of mundane and uninteresting.  The biggest changes will be the new graduate students, who I am excited to meet.  There is a new student in our lab, who I still haven’t meet. My adviser isn’t exactly the type of person who forces people to meet each other, so eventually I will run in to her, but my adviser isn’t going to have a social so we can all meet.

I did meet two other grad students however.  Frank and I were at a happy hour, and there were two really confused looking people staring at our group.  We felt bad so decided to introduce ourselves.  Turns out they are very interesting people, in a lab related to my own.  One is from the region of the country I am from, and we share many sports teams in common, which will be fun I am sure.  I am likely to throw a Packer party for the home opener so I will be sure to invite her.

I did get my laptop in the mail, it is purty!  It is much smaller than my older laptop, but has many of the same features and perks.  Thus far I am very impressed with it, however, the one downside is the track pad.  It isn’t as good as my old one, however this model of laptop has two methods of cursor movement built in to it, and I have a portable mouse, so I have been working on finding a configuration that works best for me.  We will see how that goes in the coming weeks.


~ by epiphron13 on August 22, 2011.

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