Pam and I have resolved the issues circulating.  Domestic tranquility is restored.  I think from here on out I will use the letter approach, as it does allow me to voice my concerns to her, and it allows her the space to process them.  Sometimes I think she just needs space, but we also need to resolve our conflicts.

With domestic peace restored, I turn my focus to matters more related to daily life, namely, teaching.  I am teaching a different class this Fall, it is a class that is more suited to me in some ways, and is easier to teach, so I am very glad I landed the spot.  Additionally, unless something unforeseen occurs, I will likely teach this course until I graduate.  I’ve always enjoyed teaching, I find it…rewarding I suppose?  To be honest I am not sure why I enjoy teaching, perhaps it is because I am a social creature, and it allows me to interact with others?  Perhaps it makes me feel smart, but to be honest I’ve never really pondered why I enjoy teaching.  Regardless, if you were to draw a line in the sand, and put the scientists who teach in our department on one side, and the pure scientists on the other, I’d be on the teachers side.

I’ve always been annoyed at the stereotype of the scientist who can’t explain what he is doing to the lay person.  For starters, I think, for the most part that stereotype is false, most researchers who work at a university are required to teach, and have to have at least some ability to communicate with lay persons.  Additionally, there is a quote in Cat’s Cradle “any scientist who can’t explain to an eight-year old what he is doing is a charlatan.”  While, I don’t think it is gospel, I do feel there is a nugget of truth to it.  We should be able to explain what we are doing to the general public, and I would hope most scientists are, and do try to interact with the general public in some manner.


~ by epiphron13 on August 31, 2011.

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