Not entirely sure what to do.

This falls under the whole “I have things to do, but nothing pressing” topic.  I have a couple different things I could do right now.  I could 1.) hang out around the house and read blogs 2.) go to work and try to finish off this week’s data collection or 3.) write a proposal.

1.) Downside:  I have read all my blogs, and there really isn’t anything good to do on the internet anymore.  Upside:  I get to keep drinking coffee.

2.) Downside:  I have a lull in my day from 3 to 6 where I can’t do anything important, so I was going to do that then.  Upside:  I could go home from 3 to 6, maybe there will be something more interesting to do here then?

3.) Downside:  I am really not sure what I would write.  Upside, I get to keep drinking coffee, and I feel productive.

I think I will take option 2.) I like the upside the best, and the downside isn’t that big of a deal.  Besides I should have more data to analyze by this afternoon as well.

*I intend to apply for a lot of funding this year, however, nothing even opens until October.  I wrote a letter for a fellowship the other day and sent it off, but I really don’t expect to hear from them.  I guess having a generic proposal wouldn’t be bad.


~ by epiphron13 on September 7, 2011.

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