So, recently I have begun to explore employment options after I graduate.  I was mostly set on one career path, academia.  Recently, I have learned a couple of other routes may be open to me, so I will break down the following in order of desirability*.

1. Academia:  being a college professor is still my ultimate dream and goal.  It will likely be at the community college level, but I would enjoy that quite a bit.

2. Industry:  This last weekend I met a guy who works for the pharmaceutical industry, and well, he made a convincing case for working for them.  I would miss teaching, but it is hard to turn down money when you’ve been on a Ramen diet the last 9 years.  I could always do this for a while and then go in to academia after I’ve paid off some loans.

3. Teaching:  I recently learned that I would be able to teach at the high school level without any further certification or education.  I would have to get my certification later, but there are programs set up to make that possible.  It also turns out I may have an advantage over other candidates as there is a shortage of science teachers.

4.  Non-profit:  There is a group of non-profits I could work for, it wouldn’t be ideal, as I would be wasting my Master’s degree, but I have a strong application, as it has been an interest of mine for many years.  I would enjoy the work as well, but I think I would prefer a different route.

That is the general breakdown, I’d really enjoy the top 3 for different reasons, but could deal with all four at least temporarily.  Since I have begun looking in to my options I feel better and better about them every day.  Yea optimism!  Now if I could only finish my damn thesis….


*Likely to change on a whim…


~ by epiphron13 on September 22, 2011.

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