WordPress apparently made some changes on me, it has taken me a half hour to figure how the fuck to put a new post up.  Bastards.  I have also found that the window in which you enter blog posts is laggy.  I am not sure if it is my new computer or if WordPress made some changes to their overall format.  Regardless, I now compose my posts in Word and then past them in to WordPress.

I am contemplating starting a blog with Pam.  It wouldn’t be a chronicle of our lives or anything like that, it would focus on a specific aspect of our lives, how we have dealt with it, and what we do to stay alive.  Obviously, our personal lives would creep in to the blog, but the focus would be a label we have, and how we deal with that label.  I think it sounds fun, we will see what Pam thinks.

Academically, I had a presentation the other day, it went as well as could be hoped for, so I was pleased with that.  I think one presentation a year is sufficient until I get some actual data.  Next Fall, when I have data, I intend to present anywhere my advisor will let me, but for now, my objective is to acquire some funding and keep trucking through on my classes.

Speaking of presentations, I recently watched a professor give a presentation.  It was very good, his science was not in my field, but from my point of view there were no major flaws in his work.  However, towards the end he veered in to a very activist realm.  He was showing others data, and not nearly as completely as he had shown his own data.  I don’t think what he did was inappropriate, but it was interesting how you could feel a change in the weather when he stopped showing data and results and started talking about more abstract concepts.  I think I need to stew more on where the line should be drawn between scientist and activist, does credibility in one area help or hurt credibility in the other.  We all have things we advocate for, and I feel scientists should advocate for things they are passionate about, but I think how we do it is important as well.  Like I said, I need to think about this topic more…


~ by epiphron13 on October 1, 2011.

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