Thursday, or Monday?

Today doesn’t feel right.  Right now, I’d usually be getting ready for lab, but not today.  We don’t have labs this week for whatever reason, so I am here at home telling myself I am working, when in reality I am writing a blog post.  I really only need to study for a test, and write some grants, both of which I have under control.  But, as you can see, I’m not doing either.

Pam has been feeling rather poor of late, her headaches continue to be horrible.  I’d like to get some answers to what has been hurting her, but anyone with a chronic issue that tries to find answers will tell you, it is a long road.  On the bright side, she is applying for 3 new jobs.  One she applied for in the past, but I have  a feeling she has a good shot this time.  The other two are in a completely separate field, but would be good moves for her, assuming they have healthcare.  She absolutely needs healthcare.  We will just have to wait and pray for a phone call.

It is the middle of the semester, things are mundane and boring.  A routine, you wake up every day, knowing what to expect and kind of go in to an autopilot.  Then all of a sudden finals smack you upside the head.  I am ok with that, I need some autopilot.  I’d like these last few semesters to end.  I’m ready to be done, but I still have two years.  Sounds so long…


~ by epiphron13 on October 13, 2011.

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